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Fewer office visits.

Discover how the alignflow™ app gets your patients the results they desire from the comfort of their home, with you guiding them along the way.


Faster Results

Optimize aligner treatments for quicker progress, more reliable outcomes, and happier patients.


Save Time

Live patient tracking and remote communication reduce time-consuming and confusing in-office visits.


More Efficient

Fewer visits mean more bandwidth for new patients, driving more revenue for your practice.

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Our Dynamic Treatment Optimization™ enhances the aligner experience based on real-time patient progress.

On-the-Go Adjustments

Auto alerts provide notifications to doctors and patients regarding progress so adjustments can be made to the treatment as needed. Stay connected throughout the experience with instant messaging and Virtual Visits.

Live Patient Tracking

Extend the time between appointments and improve the effectiveness of in-office visits by remotely monitoring patients, checking patient progress pictures, and easily determining treatment status.

Flexible Treatment Options

By adjusting the frequency of aligner changes and providing resources that keep patients on track, the app helps your patients see faster results on a treatment plan that works for them.

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Faster, more reliable outcomes. Fewer time-consuming and confusing visits. Happier patients. The alignflow™ app is the future of aligner care.