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Teledentistry for your Growing Practice

AlignFlow™ is a HIPAA-compliant teledentistry app that connects dentists and orthodontists with their patients. Our app provides competitively priced dental monitoring, lead generation, and teledentistry, and is ideal for optimizing clear aligners and other treatments. AlignFlow™ allows doctors to see more patients with less chair time. It allows patients to receive excellent doctor-supervised care through:

  • On-the-Go Adjustments
  • Live Patient Tracking
  • Flexible Treatment Options
  • Priced to Scale
  • Comprehensive Online Dental
  • Patented Compliance Scorecard

Teledentistry to help grow your practice, without growing your staff.

As online dental care continues to grow, AlignFlow™ provides the competitively priced solution you need.

Setting up our teledentistry app takes about 90 minutes.
It's an easy 3-step process:

Step 1

We set up treatment templates specific to the type of treatment received, such as invisible aligners, traditional braces, whitening treatments, or TMJ and/or sleep apnea. No matter the treatment, our dental monitoring solution will work! We define which presets are needed, from what pictures patients need to submit, the questions they should answer, and the frequency of activity. Everything in our remote monitoring app is designed to keep patients on their treatment plan.

Step 2

We train you and/or your staff on how to onboard a patient, and give them best practices and tactics to make AlignFlow™ a successful part of your practice. (FYI: onboarding a patient only takes 2-3 minutes!)

Step 3

Add your patients! We help you get started and train you so you know how to do it in the future. The AlignFlow™ app will automatically chart patient progress and keep the schedule for the patient’s aligner changes. Once you load the patient and treatment plan in, it's easy as can be!

Remember: you still review their scans, answer their questions, and take control of your patients. Worried about the time impact? Your staff will spend less than 20 minutes a day on your app...but remember, AlignFlow™ helps you eliminate countless hours in chair time, reducing time in office and increasing the amount of patients you can take on. A win-win for everyone!

Our Dynamic Treatment Optimization™ enhances the aligner experience based on real-time patient progress.

We have solutions for every practice size, and can build you a version of our app customized to your brand.

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On-the-Go Adjustments

Auto alerts provide notifications to doctors and patients regarding progress so adjustments can be made to the treatment as needed. Keeps you staying connected throughout the experience with instant messaging and virtual visits.

Live Patient Tracking

Extend the time between appointments, during the treatment and improve the effectiveness of in-office visits by remotely monitoring patients, checking patient progress pictures and easily determining treatment status.

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Flexible Treatment Options

By adjusting the frequency of aligner changes and providing resources that keep patients on track, the teledentistry app helps your patients see faster results on a treatment plan that works for them.

Priced to Scale

Using teledentistry in your office can reduce  in-person visits, cut down on the costs and logistics of chair time and still increase care for your patients- all while keeping your costs low and without additional staff. Our plans begin at $249 for up to 100 patients.


Comprehensive Online Dental

Our HIPAA-compliant teledentistry app allows for easy communication, monitoring and remote care that keeps patients information safe and secure; allowing the freedom to increase patient compliance and satisfaction.

Patent-pending Compliance Scorecard

Patients daily activity is logged in the AlignFlow app to allow doctors to look at patient images, monitor Treatment MPH™ and respond to treatment progress.


The AlignFlow™? app is the future of digital dentistry and aligner treatment.

Faster, more reliable outcomes. Fewer time-consuming and confusing visits. Happier patients. The AlignFlow™ app is the future of aligner care.