alignflow™ improves productivity and boosts profitability for orthodontists and dentists.

The alignflow™ app is a HIPAA-compliant communication, monitoring, and remote care application. With alignflow™, orthodontists can treat their patients remotely and effectively, saving everyone time in the office while increasing patient compliance and satisfaction.

Using alignflow™ means less chair time, more free time, and increased profitability.

Built by experienced physicians and software veterans, our app is a cutting-edge solution designed to help doctors and patients enhance their aligner treatments.

Better results for doctors and patients.

alignflow™ is a powerful virtual care app that combines the safety and effectiveness of doctor-supervised care with the convenience and flexibility of telehealth.

The alignflow™ app lets you:

  • Streamline process, optimize efficiency, and include more patients in your day
  • Free up chair time from needless appointments, saving you and your practice time and money
  • Communicate with your patients and monitor their progress in real-time
  • Offer access to a HIPAA-compliant telehealth platform for those who can’t come into the office
  • Remain open for business during work interruptions

Built by doctors, for doctors.

See what doctors have to say about our powerful, and easy-to-use app.

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“alignflow™ is a powerful, easy to use virtual care platform that helps dentists and orthodontists make clear aligner treatments less complicated for their patients and more profitable for their practices.”

Dr. Patrice Smith, DDS Orthodontist

“With alignflow™, my patients see better results in less time. As a result, we’ve improved an inefficient process and eliminated unnecessary patient visits. With more time in our day, our team is able to focus on bringing in new patients and enjoy boosted practice revenue.”

Dr. Kurt Hoffman, DDS Board-Certified Orthodontist

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