The perfect smile, right at your fingertips.​

alignflow™ is a powerful virtual care app that provides the safety and effectiveness of doctor-supervised care with fewer office visits and even better results. It streamlines the process for you, helping you achieve the perfect smile even faster – and from the comfort of your own phone!


How alignflow™ works.

alignflow™ works on any mobile device and with any brand of aligners
to deliver the results you want – FAST!

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Fewer Office Visits, Better Results.​ Our app lets you talk directly with your doctor and monitor your progress. That means you get great results with fewer in – office visits.

With your doctor only a tap away, alignflow™ offers more effective results with little chair time required.



See what people are saying about alignflow

“I love how easy it is to use the alignflow™ app and how I can track my progress.”

Sandy B.

“I love the alignflow app because I had a problem and my doctor was able to help me that day, without having to schedule an appointment.”

Mikaela H.

“It’s great to have my doctor be able to direct my treatment and make sure I’m on the right track, from the comfort of my home. All through the alignflow app.”

Chad T.

“The alignflow™ app has given me the confidence I need that I can straighten my teeth with just a few office visits.”

Susan S.

“My patients see better results in less time. We’ve improved an inefficient process and eliminated unnecessary patient visits. Our team is able to focus on bringing in new patients and enjoy boosted practice revenue.”

Dr. Kurt Hoffman, DDS Board-Certified Orthodontist

“The new progress feature is a great addition! Very interesting and motivating to see my progress so far.”

Nathan R.

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